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     Pampered Pets Bakery
All Natural Gourmet Pet


Welcome to Pampered Pets Bakery located in Central Florida!

We do not believe in a "one size fits all" generic treat. All pets are created differently and many have specific dietary needs. We feel that your pet treats should be more than an empty snack made from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives . Our treats contain good wholesome natural ingredients that are not only healthy for your pet, but we can adjust them to address any special needs or wants. So if you want to add some flax seed to help maintain your pets shiny healthy coat...we can do that. 
We can also prepare your treats with gluten free ingredients.

We pride ourselves in using only fresh, natural and 75% organic ingredients. You will never find artificial flavors, colors, meat by-products or preservatives in any of our treats.

Seasonal Treat - Limited Time Only!

Pup-kin Pie Biscotti

Pumpkin is rich in many nutrients animals need. According to WebMD, "Pumpkins are loaded with vitamin A and fiber, and low in calories." Beta-carotene and lutein can boost eye, skin and immune system health in dogs. Pumpkin also contains potassium and iron, both of which add to healthy blood and circulation. The dietary fiber in Pumpkin can help to keep your dog's intestinal tract in good working order. 

$5.50 for a half dozen

Also available in Biscotti Bites for smaller appetites.

Listed below are a few "Need to Know" things of why to treat your favorite pet to our all natural gourmet treats!


Proteins: Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Alaskan Salmon and Tuna are great sources of protein and Iron.  Proteins are a vital source for muscle development and Iron promotes proper Red Blood cell function. 
Whole Grains:  Whole grains help control blood sugar, promote a healthy digestive systems and is high in fiber.  Gluten free treats available upon request.
Fruits & Veggies: There are so many beneficial vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables.  Examples: Vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, and E. Minerals: Niacin, Calcium, Copper, Iron, and Zinc just to name a few. So be sure to feed your pet a wide variety.

Combining all or some of these ingredients can lead to a healthier, happier pet. 
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